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Relax already
It's not a Term Paper, so Relax Already.

Seriously, some people write like they're getting graded on it.
You're not getting graded, so you can just relax and focus on
enjoying the process.

That's Jimmy's tip of the day.

Tip #9 of 21:  "Write Conversationally"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

One of the biggest keys to success in getting people to respond to
your emails is to write it "conversationally."  Don't write AT your
subscriber; write TO them much like you would write a personal
letter to your mom or dad.

The key to writing conversationally is two-fold:  

First, make certain that you "write like you speak."  That is,
write your email just like you would if you were actually SAYING
the words to the subscribers instead of putting them down in an

Secondly, write with ONE specific person in mind.  It doesn't
matter if it's your spouse, the kitchen table or your favorite pet.
 The key here is to write your email to ONE person, not an entire
list of people.

Remember, only ONE person at a time is going to read your email
when it arrives in their inbox. Write the message to that person.

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The next tip is about actually monetizing your ezines. You'd like
to know how to do that, wouldn't you? Stick around.

George Savery

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