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What Can you Learn from Your Competition
What Can you Learn from Your Competition?

You might be surprised. Read what Jimmy thinks in today's List
Marketing Minute (tm).

Tip #8 of 21:  "Watch Competition"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Another great thing you can do to become a more prolific email
marketer is to join the lists of your competition and analyze what
they are doing.  

Buy a product and see how they use email before, during and after
the sale.  

Join their newsletter and see how each issue is structured and any
other ways they use the list.  

Request a free report or an ecourse and take note about their email

We're talking about a free, hands-on education here.  You can learn
more about email marketing by watching what the pros do themselves
than from anything else.

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That's pretty powerful stuff. Can you believe that he's giving you
this information free?

If this is free, imagine what he shares in his 6-step List Profit

The next tip is about communication. Not necessarily what you
write, but how you write it.

I'll see you then.

George Savery


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