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Fill-in-the-Blanks Marketing

People ARE having success with their lists. Are you? If not, why
not learn from those who are? Not just reading ebooks about ezine
marketing, but actually studying the successful lists.

It makes sense to me. Here's what Jimmy had to say.


Tip #7 of 21:  "Create a Swipe File"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of  List Profit System

Anytime I receive an email that catches my eye, I keep it.  I have
a folder in my Eudora mailbox that reads "Great Email Case
Studies."  And that's exactly what you'll find in that folder.
You'll find a bunch of emails that I have collected as people from
all walks of life have emailed me.

I look for three things in adding more email samples into this
swipe file:  

1. First, I look for anything that really catches my attention in
the subject line.   

2. I look for any email that keeps my interest in the opening few

3. I look for any "unique" types of emails that are particularly
appealing.  The ones that make me click on a link and go to a site.

Now, I use this swipe file when I craft my own email messages.  I
simply look at one that fits my particular needs, modify it so that
it is my own original mailing and send it out to my list.

For example:  "The truth about traffic" was a subject line from a
compelling email that I had in my swipe file.  It became "the truth
about ebooks" when I did a mailing for "How to Create  Best-Sellers

Swipe file in action.  Every email marketer - every list owner -
should create and build a swipe file of compelling email messages
that they receive.  Refer back to them when crafting your own
mailings.  Don't copy them word for word ... just use them as models.

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The next tip is all about your competition. Another way to get a
free education and improve your own list skills. But, how? That's
what we'll cover next time.

George Savery

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