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So how often should I
So, how often SHOULD I send my ezine?

Good question. I think we all ask that at one time or another. You
see a few subscribers drop out each time you send a mailing, so you
think less may be more. Well, you guessed wrong.

Here's what Jimmy has to say about this age-old question in today's
List Marketing Minute (tm).


Tip #6 of 21:  "Mail List Consistently"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Here's one that I struggled with for a long time.  I made this
mistake over and over and over again.  And I cannot tell you how
many thousands of dollars I threw out the window over the past four
years because of this blunder.

The blunder is simple:  I didn't mail my subscribers often enough.
I was under this impression that if I mailed them too much, then they
would leave and I'd lose out.  

Well, to an extent, that is true.  If you do nothing but send out
promotional messages on a daily basis and never provide any kind of
useful content, yep, folks are going to create a mass exodus from
your autoresponder like the Israelites leaving Egypt.  And your
list will become of little or no financial value to you.  

But, that can also happen in another way.  If you DO NOT email your
subscribers on a consistent basis, then folks are less likely to
respond to your mailings as well.

Here's how it works:  they sign up.  You send them a
"thank you."  You don't mail them again for a month.  They forgot
they joined your ezine.  They scream "SPAM".  They unsubscribe.  You
wasted your time and efforts in getting them in the first place.

While that's a bit dramatic, that kind of thing happens every
single day.  While you don't want to overwhelm your subscribers
with mailings all the time (even if it's good stuff, there's only
so much they can absorb in one week), you do want to make certain
you train them to expect mailings.  If you aren't mailing to your
members at least once every two weeks, then you are hurting your
list's effectiveness.  You should make regular contact with your
members at least once every two weeks.

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What if you had a file of emails that you could use as templates
each time you wrote a mailing? That's what we'll cover next time.

George Savery

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