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Whats in it for you.
What's the point of this email? And, what's in it for me?

 That is the focus of today's List Marketing

What's in it for me? That's what I think every single time I
receive an email from a newsletter list. How about you? Do you feel
the same?

Sometimes you wish they'd just cut to the chase. If they don't,
then I'll walk.

That's Jimmy's tip of the day. Be sure to read the entire tip so
you can see the examples and how powerful this is.


Tip #5 of 21:  "Mention Benefit Early"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of  List Profit System

We just looked at "identify yourself," now it's time to "identify
your reader."  Yes, you can do this by using PERSONALIZATION
features of most mailing programs to automatically insert the
recipient's name (I.E.  "Dear Ralph"), but there is another
technique that is just as powerful (maybe even more powerful since
everyone is now using the "Dear Ralph" approach) and that is what I
call a "personalization benefit."  

To create a "personalization benefit", you simply take the theme of
your list and blend it with the them of your mailing.  How about an
example? Let's suppose your list consists of moms interested in
getting in shape or staying in shape.  In other words a women's
fitness list.  And, let's also suppose (woohoo, we're in the land
of make-believe .) that you are wanting to promote a new piece of
exercise equipment that makes toning up a breeze.  

Here's the traditional opening...

Dear Sally,

Here's the opening with the "personalization benefit"

Breakthrough Fitness Solution for Busy Moms

Dear Sally,

Now, what do we have here?  We have the exact same benefit of the
regular personalization, because the reader continues to
immediately see her name (I.E. "Dear Sally") but, more than that,
we have a major benefit expressed before we even begin.
(Breakthrough Fitness Solution for Busy Moms.)  

What mom isn't busy?  So, this specifically targets SALLY.  What
subscriber on this list isn't looking for better fitness?  Again,
this focuses in on SALLY.   

What person isn't looking for something "new" (I.E. "breakthrough")
and something that will solve their fitness problems (I.E.
"solution") Yep, this one's for SALLY.

Do you see how powerful a punch we've thrown before we even say
"hello."?  It's not a long sentence.  It's a short, benefit-laden,
personal headline.  It blends the theme of the list with the theme
of the offer.  And you better believe that the Sally's on this list
are going to read on.

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The next tip answers the question "How often
should I email my
list?" You won't want to miss this.

George Savery

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