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Who goes there
Who goes there? That is the topic today.

This is George here with today's List Marketing Minute

The people on your list signed up because they want to hear from
YOU. So, make sure you tell them exactly who is sending the messages.

Here' Jimmy with more...

Tip #4 of 21:  "Identify Yourself"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit System

In testing, here's a very simple thing you can do that can get as
much as 43% more subscribers to read your email.  And that is
simply to "identify yourself" in the first paragraph of your

Instead of "Announcing my special '2 For 1' advertising rates", try
"This is Jimmy D. Brown here with a special announcement about
'2For 1' advertising."

Simple, but very effective.

This has been tested over and over again and it almost always
out-pulls the non-personal version.  Why?  Probably because people
see that it's PERSONAL.  This is YOU talking.  It's from someone
they have grown to know, like and trust.

Try it in your next mailing and track the results.

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It is amazing how the simple things really can make a huge impact.

The next tip is about grabbing your readers attention immediately.
Stick around to find out how.

George Savery

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