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Snail Mail
Snail Mail... It works.

For decades, snail mail and the good old USPS delivered advertising
to customers and potential customers. Why? Because it worked.

In Jimmy's tip of the day, he'll have you wondering if you should
stock up on stamps, too.

Tip #20 of 21: "Collect Physical Addy"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

This is, perhaps, the easiest way to see significant extra income
from your list.

What you'll want to do is obtain the physical mailing address of
your subscribers.  Offer to send them a free gift of some kind and
you need their address in order to ship it.  (A free print
newsletter, a free CD, etc... this is money well invested)

So, now what do you have?  You have the actual mailing address of
your subscriber.  Now, what do you do?  You send them out REAL
WORLD mailings.

Think about this:  how many SPAM mailings do they receive every
single day?  Dozens if not hundreds.
How many pieces of mail do they receive at their physical mailbox
out in front of their home or down at the postal service?

Not many.

How difficult is it for you to get your message into their hands
via email?

Sometimes it can be quite difficult.
How difficult do you think it would be to get into their hands if
it was a postcard, flyer or brochure mailed to their real world

Not difficult at all.

Think about it:  let's say you're on my email address.  If you
receive a flyer that was clearly from ME to your postal address,
wouldn't you open it?
Of course!

Why?  Because it is UNUSUAL.  It's not the norm.  It's different.
It stands out.  
One of the things that I think you'll see happening is more and
more online marketers will start building offline databases simply
because they can get greater results.
It's the same list; it's just a different way of contacting them.

I know this:  I am working diligently to get every subscriber's
real mailing address because that's the easiest way I know of to
quickly increase profits from the same list.

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Tomorrow's tip is about email deliverability. If you're spending
time and energy (and maybe even money) sending out your emails --
you'll want to read this one.


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