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More Targeted for More Sales

Welcome back to the List Marketing
Minute (tm). Have you
been thinking about the last tip? I sure have, and I'm ready for
the next tip from Jimmy.

This tip is about building sublists. A sublist is a smaller segment
of your regular list. It's a great tactic you can use to make sure
you're giving people exactly what they want to know.

Keep reading to hear Jimmy's tip and his examples below.


Tip #2 of 21:  "Build Sublists"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Don't "waste" your main list by keeping the subscribers only on
that list.  

* Offer them an ecourse.  
* Offer them a special report.  
* Offer them a highly specialized "players only" list where they
are prequalified for some kind of high-ticket offer.

For example:  Ryan Deiss (my co-author on "How to Create
Best-Sellers Online") and I are building a list of people who want
personalized product development coaching.  We tell the folks going
in that the MINIMUM price for the coaching will be $997.00.  If
they are interested, they can join an "announcement" list free of
charge and we'll notify them when the next coaching class is

What has happened here?  We've segmented our main list.  We still
have it, but we also have a smaller list of people who have
expressed interest in spending a thousand dollars with us. How
valuable can that list be?  

Start building sublists from your main list.  You will
make more money by using this strategy.

How would you like a set of action steps you can begin using
immediately to build and profit from,not only your main list, but
sublists, as well? That's exactly what I provide in my step-by-step
course List Profit System. Grab your copy today at
List Profit System.

(c) copyright 2007 Benchmark Publishing, LLC

I told you this was good stuff. Can you think of
some sublists you
can create? You may be thinking that's too much work, but, if you
create sub-ecourses... now you've got smaller targeted lists that
are running themselves.

I'll be in touch soon with the next tip -- about making sure people
are actually reading your mailings.

George Savery

PS. Find out how to present your readers with offers they can't
resist. All you need is the 6-step List Profit System

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