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Lists come in all shapes and sizes.

And, no cookie cutter ad will perform as well as one you've written
specifically for your list.

That's Jimmy's tip of the day.

Tip #19 of 21: "Write Original Ads"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Let me ask you a quick question:  Do I know your list members?
Seriously.  Do I know them?  Do I know what they want?  Do I know
what they respond to?  Do I know their buying patterns?  Do I know
what style of writing they like?  Do I know them?

Of course not.

So, how can I possibly write them the BEST promotional email
message?  How can I write something that is specifically for them,
without knowing them?
Answer is, I can't.

And yet, that's how many people approach their lists.  They join an
affiliate program; grab a pre-written solo mailing from the author
of the product and they blast it out to their list.

Does the author of that product know your list?
Of course not.  Then why let him write the mailing to your list?

Sure, he knows his product.  And he may have an ezine ad that is
pulling a great response to his list and maybe even a lot of lists.

But, you will almost always get greater results when the mailing
you send to your list is from YOU.

Your list members know YOUR style.  They can spot an ad from
someone else a mile away.  They know if it's coming from you or if
its not coming from you.

I can guarantee you that a well-written ad in YOUR style will
outpull a well-written ad from someone else.  It's YOUR list.  You
know them better than anyone.

So, what you do is take that standard pre-written ad from Mr.
Affiliate Program and you TWEAK it.  You take the important aspects
of it and you add in your own personal flair, your own style, your
own words.

You say the same basic thing, but you say it YOUR way.

(c) copyright 2007 Benchmark Publishing, LLC


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