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Grab the Interview and Grab the
Grab the Interview and Grab the Sales.

This tip is priceless. What better way to make affiliate sales than
to show people the value of what they are about to buy?

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Tip #18 of 21: "Use Interviews"  
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Here's a great way to use your list to increase your affiliate

Find a product or service that you want to promote to your list
(remember, it must be targeted towards your specific audience for
best results) and contact the author / developer of that offer and
ask them for a short interview.

Either do the interview via email or, better yet, get them on the
phone and record a short interview.

Then, do a mailing to your list (or any list for that matter) and
let them know about an "exclusive interview" you have with "Well
Known Guru" and explain all the things that are revealed in the

Get them to your site where they can download the transcript of the
interview and / or listen to the audio version.

Of course, your purpose of the interview is to get them to buy the
product or service.  So, in addition to the free content that your
interviewee offers, you also have a strong recommendation at the
end of the interview for the product or service ... through your
affiliate link.

You can have the "landing page" where this interview is stored,
designed with links to the product or offer.
And just like that you can have a higher open rate (subject link
reveals an exclusive interview, so more people open the email) a
higher click-thru rate (your benefit-laden message describes the
great content in the interview and gets them to your site) and more
profits (the interview and your specially designed page get more
people to actually order the product or service).

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easy way to stand out from the competition.


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