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TELL me what to do
TELL me what to do.

Today's tip is about requesting an action. For instance, don't ask
me to do twenty different things in one email. It's confusing and
I'll probably mess it up.

That's what Jimmy's tip of the day is about today. Focusing on ONE

Tip #16 of 21:  "Focus On A Response"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit Systems

Notice that I say "A" response.  Not several responses.  No a
couple of responses.  ONE response.

I've seen some crazy email messages that really leave me wondering,
"What the heck do they want me to do?"  

They make an offer. They make another offer.  They ask me to
download something.  They want me to visit a site.  They mention
joining an affiliate program.

I have no idea what the heck is going on.  Click.  That message
just entered the TRASH folder.

Your promotional mailings should be focused on a single response.
You want the reader to say "yes" or "no."  You want them to click
or not to click.

Make it simple.

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The next tip is about building a relationship with your list. Trust
is the first key to getting someone to spend money with you. You
won't want to miss this one.

George Savery

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