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Customers: The ones who've already opened their Wallets.

The money may be in the list, but ... customers have already opened
their wallets for you. So, therefore, your customer list may be
even more valuable than your free lists. Agreed?

That's Jimmy's tip of the day.

Tip #14 of 21:  "Mail to Customers"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit System

There's a gold mine waiting for you to mine right there in your
existing customers. I'm not just talking about your lists. I mean
people who have actually spent money on your products and services.

Answer this question:  how do you contact existing customers?

You need to make them additional offers.  Once a month you should
take a look at your database of existing customers and make them
some kind of special offer that is exclusive to customers.

I can guarantee you that - if they were happy with their first
purchase from you - they'll buy something else from you.  There is
money just *literally* waiting for you to ask for.

And, while we're talking about asking for money, do you ask for
more of it immediately after a purchase?

When do you think your customers are most likely to buy?  When they
are in a "buying mood", right?  Your "thank you for your order"
page is a great place to make an additional offer, as is your
"thank you for your order" email.

Offer them an upgrade.  A deluxe model.  A special report.  A
service.  An affiliate recommendation.  Something to go along with
what they've already bought.

It's just another way to increase your profits with minimal effort
and zero advertising.

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Tomorrow's tip is about jumping around. Are you jumping around and
losing money in the process?

George Savery

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