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Give yourself a Raise
Give yourself a Raise.

How can testing before rollout give you a raise? In his usual
easy-to-grasp manner, Jimmy explains it below. (And, you don't need
to understand Algebra to "get it".)

Tip #13 of 21:  "Test Before Rollout"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit System

Another way to get greater results from ads is to actually test it
on a small scale before you roll out the ad to dozens of different

Let's suppose you ultimately are going to promote your solo mailing
to 50 different lists, totaling 1,000,000 subscribers.

Instead of shelling out your money and blasting that ad out, test
it first on a smaller scale.

Buy some smaller advertising space and test a couple of variations
of your list to see which one pulls the most responses.

Look at it this way:  If you rollout one ad to all the lists and it
gets a 4% click-thru rate, that's fine. But, what if you tested
several ads on smaller lists before the rollout and found one that
pulls in a 5% click-thru rate?

Hey, it's only 1% difference, right?

Yep, but it's the difference between 40,000 click-thrus and 50,000
click-thrus over the entire rollout you have planned.

I don't know about you, but I'd hate to miss out on 10,000

Test your ads on a smaller list before rolling them out to large
lists or many lists.

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Jimmy's thoughts in the next "tip of the day".

George Savery

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