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Customized Landing Pages
Customized Landing Pages. The Tip of the Day.

Using this tip, you can not only track your ads, but you can
increase your conversion.

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Tip #12 of 21:  "Use Landing Pages"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit System

Here's a super way to increase your click-thrus, conversion and
profits.  In fact, I've never failed to see increases when using
this idea.

Let's say you are selling an information product that shows how to
teach yourself self-defense.  You've got your site setup and you're
ready to roll.

So, you start buying solo mailings in other people's ezines in
order to get people to your site.

What you can do in order to see greater results from your ads is to
create special "landing pages" for the different ads you place.   

A landing page is simply a webpage that you drive traffic to
instead of your main salespage.  This special "landing page" has
been strategically setup to target a particular audience, in this
case the traffic from the ads you place.

It might work like this:  You buy a solo mailing to Bob's
Newsletter list of subscribers.  Instead of driving them to your
regular salespage at your site, you drive them to a landing page
that has a large, bold headline which reads...

Special Offer for Readers of Bob's Newsletter
What happens now?  You have raised the level of interest for the
person who arrived at the site.  They are a member of Bob's
Newsletter.  This offer is especially for them.  Greater conversion
is coming.

You can tweak the idea in other ways like "50% discount for Bob's
Newsletter subscribers" or "Free gift for readers of Bob's

You'll also want to mention in the actual solo mailing itself that
you have something specifically for Bob's Newsletter subscribers
waiting for you at the site.

This is a very compelling one-two punch and I've never used it
without seeing a higher conversion rate of visitors into customers.

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