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Politics? Entertainment? What's that have to do with Me?

Are you a smart marketer? Do you stay on top of trends? That's
Jimmy's tip of the day.

Tip #11 of 21:  "Use Trends & Events"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of List Profit System

Smart marketers know that extra profits are to be made during
trends and events throughout the year.

For example:  you'll sell more basketball tickets for the local pro
team during a winning streak as opposed to a losing streak.   

Think about this:  During the past 20 years, when were the MOST (by
far) "home survival kits" sold?  Yep, you guessed it, during the
months after the September 11, 2001 bombing on the US World Trade

Marketers knew that the interest in "home survival kits" would be
at an all-time high because of the scare surrounding terrorism.
And they sold a gazillion of them.

The idea here is to take current events and current trends and tie
them into your promotion.  Spend a few minutes today and think
about what the current "in" news stories and events are.  And how
can you capitalize on them.

Note:  Just as aside, I want to say something on a personal note.
There is a marked difference - in my opinion - between taking
advantage of a trend and taking advantage of people.  I DO NOT
recommend, endorse or approve of any tactics that are designed to
"frighten" people into buying from you or using their existing fear
for your personal gain.  Use trends and events, don't use people.

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The next tip will be about creating special landing pages and how
they can increase your ad effectiveness.

George Savery

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