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Wheres the link
Where's the link?

Today, Jimmy has a great tip about where and how often you should
include links in your mailing.

Tip #10 of 21:  "Link In Several Places"   
by Jimmy D. Brown of  List Profit Systems

Try to work in the link you are promoting several times throughout
the text of the email message itself.  You don't want to go
overboard on this, but you can see a higher click-thru rate by
simply putting more places for them to click.

And when I say this, I mean the SAME link.  Not multiple offers,
the SAME offer.

What typically happens is this:  you craft your promotional mailing
and you have ONE link way down at the bottom of your message.

That's not enough.  You should have a MINIMUM of two references to
your link.  One midway through the message and one at the close of
the message near your call to action.

On longer email messages, don't be afraid to mix in that link in
several places, maybe 3-5 places all total, depending upon the

You should see a higher click-thru rate simply by adding an extra
reference link in your copy.

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The next tip will help you to ride the next media wave or hot
topic. Stick around to find out what politics, news and
entertainment have to do with your ezine.

George Savery

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